Unsere Brandneuen Serien

Immer wieder Neues entdecken! Das kannst du garantiert bei unseren aktuellen Serien-Vorstellungen!

Tauche in unsere Produktwelten ein und entdecke unsere Produkte in den Serien-Katalogen oder in unserem Online-Shop.


Smile and feel good!
Make your everyday life more colourful with trendy stationery, stylish accessories and lots of colourful favourites - for yourself or as a gift.
A good mood is guaranteed here!


Inventive, stylish and simply very trendy!

Whether for school, university, at work or at home for daily life – our new series offers you a varying and beautiful selection of everyday helpers, which bring joy into your day thanks to witty motivational sayings.

The combination of functionality and design will delight you and fun and creativity won’t come up short with our varied product range.
Ideal for your everyday life or as a gift.  



Finally, first grade!
Start school with fun and ease!

Discover our new colourful school start series ABC CHAMPIONS with a special focus on educationally valuable learning aids, playful learning games as well as small practical helpers for everyday school life. Many special gift ideas for the school cone and matching party decorations are guaranteed to make the 1st day of school an unforgettable experience.


Hello spring!

Let yourself be surprised by the colorful products of the new "Tommy & Frida" series.

Tommy and Frida bring this series to life! Discover fantastic gift ideas, wonderful items for crafting and have lots of fun playing. This series offers an exceptional product selection for the young and the old.


This new Trend Edition embodies the modern need for mindfulness, inner balance and the search for spiritual messages. Are you curious about what the future holds for you?
Then have fun discovering these inspiring new products!


Ready to venture into the depths of the universe?

Discover galactic novelties here that will thrill young and old space travellers alike.

Let's go on an adventurous journey to distant galaxies!


When it gets dark, it's time for the City Agents!

Distract, disguise, cover tracks, crack secret codes and encrypt messages.

It's fun and incredibly exciting!


Make the winter season your feel-good time with the products from our new MAGIC MOMENTS series!

The large selection of very special gift and Advent calendar ideas with their individual design and special product details will make children's eyes light up. 

children's eyes and delight young and old alike. This makes giving joy very easy!


It`s time for magic!

Dive into the world of magic, discover the secrets of magic and create your own little MAGIC SHOW. To make the illusion a perfect success, TikTok magician MARV lays his cards on the table and takes up-and-coming magicians behind the scenes with 18 magic tricks.

But what would a young magician be without a magic wand that he can make float or glow in the dark? Raise the curtain for magical moments!

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