A few interesting facts about us

“Trendhaus Handelsgesellschaft mbH” or simply TRENDHAUS!

Start up:
Summer of 1998

Brand ambassador:
Our lovable Trendhaus discoverer bear “TOM”

Our site (locations):
Our headquarters in our new and modern company buildings are located in Sengenthal-Reichertshofen in a quaint and green environment.
This is the perfect place for developing creative ideas and setting new goals while having fun.Our headquarters are extended bit by bit thanks to our design office in Coburg and the locations of our sales representatives in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Who we are:
A team strong as a bear! It consists of the company founder, or rather the “heart of the company” Sandra Benkler and our staff, which comprises more than 50 motivated members.
As a team we live and love our Trendhaus.

In action:
Starting off with first ideas, our creative team of product development, illustration and graphic create great products. These products are brought to us with the help of the purchasing department, product safety and the import division. As a next step, the marketing department with the support of the sales department and our sales representatives take care of the product marketing. In this way our clients can discover and experience our distinctive products before they are shipped by our warehouse team. During this whole process our accountants department provides for the correct (financial) transactions.

Our vision:
Making children’s eyes light up! How to achieve this? With distinctive products that make happy easily, arouse children’s curiosity and encourage learning in a playful way.
And with unique gift ideas for the young and the old, which simply bring joy to everyone.
As this is our goal, we continuously develop new products with love for detail and passion. These products delight our clients and have that certain something.

What we stand for:
Regarding our products: our colourful, varied product range that meets our high standards regarding safety and quality.
Regarding us: the reliable, open-minded and trustful cooperation In our team, with our clients and suppliers.

Where you can find us:
Currently we are represented on the German and European stationery, toy and gift item market.
But our vision is that our TOM is soon going to delight many more countries and the world.


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