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!!!BREAKING NEWS!!! - powerstring

Everybody is talking about our XTREME FUN SPORTS powerstring and everybody wants to have one.


Become creative and discover the hidden talents of the XTREME FUN SPORTS powerstring – you can throw it, squeeze it, stretch it, knot it and more.

  • It is extremely stretchable and tear resistant up to 2 meters.
  • It is usable anywhere and anytime to reduce stress or to distract oneself.

The XTREME FUN SPORTS powerstring is the perfect anti-boredom product for him and her, big and small, young and old, alone and together … so simply for everyone – an absolute must-have.
Toys don’t always have to make sense – it’s much more important to promote creativity.
Don’t miss the trend, enter into the incredible world of our XTREME FUN SPORTS powerstring and find out what other unbelievable things you can do with it – you will never get bored!

The YouTuber Annie from “Annie’s Spielplatz” is – like many others – a big fan of our powerstring and has therefore uploaded a video about it on YouTube.
Our XTREME FUN SPORTS powerstring is also known on the radio: the Bavarian broadcast has reported about it in relation to the must haves in the school cone.
The next generation of the popular powerstring is already in production. Girls are looking forward to colorful powerstrings with glitter and for boys there are powerstrings with glow in the dark-effect.
What are you waiting for? Get it.