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A total of 1668 participants, 116 companies, and among them 20 of our Trendhaus colleagues – the company run on 20 July 2017 was clearly the largest company outing in the region.

In our very first company run – but the 8th time the Fischer Automobile company run was held – we arrived at the start line with the motto “Good ideas for the long run”. As we have been industriously training together every week since May, the run, just short of five km, was nothing more than a leisurely after-work lap for us.

Many of our Trendhaus team were present throughout Neumarkt – running, walking, or cheering on our colleagues. We were recognisable from afar, with our neon-green caps and shirts, and even our trusted Trendhaus dog Kira was on brand with a colourful outfit.
During the run, it was impossible to miss all the cheers of our fans, spread out along the course of the race – motivating our runners and walkers with their enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the runners motivated each other, telling jokes and even chatting briefly with our “cheerleaders” on the side.

We showed off our team spirit until the very end. Our athletes gave it their all during the last few metres, motivated by the loud and loyal support of almost all the colleagues who had by now gathered on the Volksfestplatz. Some of our runners even helped our walkers out by taking on a few more metres and helping them over the finish line.

We are already looking forward to the 2018 edition of the company run, with an equally strong and large team. And as a team, we will certainly continue to have “Good ideas for the long run”.