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Start – run – team! 
Participation in the 9th Neumarkt company run

In glorious sunshine and hot temperatures, we once again made our way to the starting line for the Neumarkt company run on 19 July 2018, which set a new attendance record this year with 2,150 runners and walkers.
A total of 27 Trendhaus runners and walkers waited on the starting blocks and presented themselves as a strong team together with the fan club. As cleverly colourful as Trendhaus is, the extraordinarily cool running outfits with a Trendhaus power team print, bright red boxing gloves, and a matching headband drew the attention of many spectators and photographers.
After the joint starting signal, the running team sped along the 5km stretch, which they had trained hard for beforehand.
Without question, the highlight was all Trendhaus runners crossing the finish line together, spurred on by their “cheerleaders”.  
The truly infectious atmosphere, the team spirit of the participating companies, and the fun and camaraderie within the Trendhaus team once again turned this event into a unique experience.